Thadeus Starsiak: Be the Love That Heals Wounds

podcast Jan 12, 2020

At only 12 years old, he found his dead mother in their basement. Cold, blue, and stiff. She died from a drug addiction. On the phone with his dad, he told the young boy to "shake and wake" her. To say that shaking your dead mother at age 12 changes you is an understatement.

With so much hardship in his life, Thadeus Starsiak is one of the most loving people I have ever met. It would be easy for him to give up or say the world is an evil place. To the absolute contrary, he is a pillar of light sending sonar waves of love to each person along his path. Thadeus is an outstanding human. 

He is a personality on HGTV’s “Good Bones” television show. Goofy and carefree on screen, deeply emotional and intellectual in real life.

 We talk about love - all definitions and forms it comes in. How to love others and how to love ourselves. How to lovingly approach confrontation and have difficult conversations with those we care about. This conversation is rich with meaning and substance.

 I encourage you to share this episode with a loved one.

 CHALLENGE: Treat everyone as someone you love deeply. Carry intent with each interaction. Listen intently. Care deeply. Whether it's a parent, sibling, partner, close friend, estranged lover, or a new connection, care for them deeply. Empathize, get excited to see them, forgive, and open up.

 Just for this week, turn your love meter to the maximum frequency with every person you interact with. Picture sending invisible waves of love into them. Strangers, enemies, and all. You don't even have to come in contact with them to try it. Meditate and think about sending someone love.

 Try this challenge and see what happens! Follow us on social media and let us know if/when something cool happens. Tag us in your stories.

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