Jeremy McGrew and Indy Fitness Mag

podcast Jan 12, 2020

Cofounder of Indy Fitness Magazine, Jeremy McGrew is on a mission to go from last to first. A few years ago, Indianapolis was ranked the unhealthiest major city in America. He and his tribe have a goal to go from the least healthy city in the nation to #1 in the next 10 years.

This dude is an unapologetic hustler with a great business mind. We talk about his “failures” and lessons learned along the way. Why in the world does he practice one sleepless night a week? Yes, he literally has a designated night for not sleeping. 

Beyond the hustle, he praises how pivotal his wife has been in his journey. And how he has learned to ask for help. Let’s dive in!

CHALLENGE: This week’s challenge is inspired by @indyfitnessmag: pick the most essential task each day and accomplish it. JUST ONE. No more than that.

Ask yourself this question: what’s the one thing that will make my job, relationship, health etc. easier and possibly everything else unnecessary? 

For your business, it could be having that one conversation with your boss, team member, or client that would make everything else that day easier or unnecessary. For your relationship, it could be spending 10 undistracted minutes with them in the morning or first thing after work. Therefore, making your relationship easier and more fulfilling that day. For your health, it could be drinking a gallon of water a day which makes everything else about your health choices easier or unnecessary for the day.

This concept is inspired from Gary Keller’s book The ONE Thing.


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