Get Your Health Right! With John Parker and Thrive Global

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

John Parker is a premier personal trainer in San Diego, California. One of the most well researched and intentional personal trainers out there. This dude LIVES his method and seriously cares about his people. He really knows his stuff and is exploding with knowledge.

Learn why it’s important to not lose muscle mass as we get older and why strength training is the most balanced exercise method. We talk about why stillness and rest is highly important.

John opens up about his previous addiction to exercising and struggling with overeating. We cover so many health related topics that will open your eyes! Open up your mind and let’s go.

We also discuss the business side of personal training. If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.

CHALLENGE: This week's challenge is inspired Thrive Global: get your butt in bed by 9:00pm! If you're feeling ambitious, here are other steps you can take during this challenge. Put all electronics away by 8:00pm. Read a book, meditate, write in your journal, do gentle stretches, converse with family or friends, drink tea, etc.

 Share your reflections and progress with us on social media! Tag us in your stories. We would love to experience this challenge with you.

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 *John and Thrive Global are not associated.

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