Dr. Bo REALLY Knows

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2020
It's ok to not have things figured out. It's ok to not know what your "passion" is during college or any time in life really. These things take time to evolve and be created.
Dr. Bo Cicak didn't find chiropractic until he was 25 and he has plans beyond how he is currently practicing. This dude is a dreamer, but also believes in the growth process of planting seeds.
We dive into some health related topics such as stretching, alcohol consumption, and the effects of poor posture, but I really like how Bo keeps it real about his journey. And that's what we're all about... the process!
CHALLENGE: This week's challenge is inspired by Dr. Bo: correct your posture during phone usage. Don't wreck your neck, check your neck! Looking down at your phone has negative effects on your neck, shoulders, and spine.
Don't look down at your phone, but look out toward your phone. Hold your phone out in front of you, not below you.


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