Creating Abundance w/ Emily Gallagher

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some people are magnetic? How everything seems to work out for them?

You get your answer this week with Emily Gallagher. She's a SERIOUS creator of abundance. She cultivates this mindset daily. It's easy to get in a game of comparison, but please remember how much practice such inspirational figures have. Anyone can create a life of abundance!

And of course... no one's life is perfect.

CHALLENGE: This week’s challenge is inspired by Emily: practice an abundant money mindset.

Money and wealth is about resourcefulness & value. Realizing we are able to generate value and up-level our resourcefulness, enhances our ability to generate money.

Exercise: Brainstorm 10 ways you could make money right now. Don’t limit yourself, see that you are able to generate value & income from places you haven’t originally seen.

I.e- get a roommate, up my prices, ask for a raise, create an offering, drive Uber etc. This is about seeing that income and money is all around you. It is not that you need to go and do those things, but switching the mindset from “I can’t “, to “I choose not to” is a powerful shift in itself.

They key is to LOOK for the abundance. This will shift your perspective to find the infinite possibilities around you.

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