Listen and Be Curious w/ Michael Jang (MJ)

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2020

Let's. Get. Curious.

There's no better human to get curious with than my guy MJ.

This dude’s awareness is on another level. He’s a great listener with a unique upbringing and has a cool perspective that he’s sharing for the first time on a podcast. He grew up with four families and four different cultures that have given him a curiosity about life.

He is an extremely talented videographer who stopped pursuing money to focus on experiences.

CHALLENGE: this week's challenge is inspired by MJ: we want you to stop trying so hard. That's right, stop trying so hard. Take a breath and allow yourself to feel. Allow ourselves to receive what's good.

Take a look around and appreciate what we have. Press pause on the hustle and contemplate the ease of life.

This might be hard (hence this being a challenge) because we've been culturally trained to go, go, go and want more, more, more. Could life be easier than we are making it to be? Are we perpetuating the struggle...

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Change Your Mind w/ Aaron Simmons, Ph.D.

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2020

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Welcome Dr. Aaron Simmons, professor of philosophy at Furman University. He’s written 9 books and in addition to his intellectual prowess, he is a loving father, husband, and of course loves to go deep into conversation. He also loves hip-hop which gains major points from me.

We start the conversation off by recalling how many churches he’s been kicked out of (or politely asked to leave). We discuss God and politics with an angle you’re probably not used to.

We go in to the importance of disagreement, willing to be proved wrong, and why to surround yourself with critics. Put question marks where others put periods.

What is the failure of success? Aaron tell us.

No black and white answers here, folks. Just lots of nuance, which is what life is about.

Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn or email him.



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Live Your Dreams Out Loud w/ Brian D. Johnson aka BJ The Dreamer

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2020

This is most definitely the best way we’ve kicked off an interview… with a rap! Welcome Brian D. Johnson aka "BJ The Dreamer" to the show. Author, inspirational figure, Emmy award winner, and most importantly an all around good dude.

He's been on the verge of suicide, slept in his car with no place to go, and spent a lot of time in a negative place blacking out drunk. He moved out west with $300 in his pocket and a dream to turn his life around.

He breaks down some of his life lessons including what he's learned from working with major celebrities like Will Smith and Snoop Dogg.

Click here to buy his book

CHALLENGE: This week's challenge is inspired by Brian and his book: live your dreams OUT LOUD! Yell your deepest desire and/or dream from a balcony, rooftop, or in the street. Even if you need to take baby steps, that's ok too. Write it in your journal, whisper it to yourself, then to yell it out loud alone in your car. Whatever you need to do, let's live our...

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Creating Abundance w/ Emily Gallagher

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2020

Have you ever wondered why some people are magnetic? How everything seems to work out for them?

You get your answer this week with Emily Gallagher. She's a SERIOUS creator of abundance. She cultivates this mindset daily. It's easy to get in a game of comparison, but please remember how much practice such inspirational figures have. Anyone can create a life of abundance!

And of course... no one's life is perfect.

CHALLENGE: This week’s challenge is inspired by Emily: practice an abundant money mindset.

Money and wealth is about resourcefulness & value. Realizing we are able to generate value and up-level our resourcefulness, enhances our ability to generate money.

Exercise: Brainstorm 10 ways you could make money right now. Don’t limit yourself, see that you are able to generate value & income from places you haven’t originally seen.

I.e- get a roommate, up my prices, ask for a raise, create an offering, drive Uber etc. This is about seeing that income and...

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Dr. Bo REALLY Knows

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2020
It's ok to not have things figured out. It's ok to not know what your "passion" is during college or any time in life really. These things take time to evolve and be created.
Dr. Bo Cicak didn't find chiropractic until he was 25 and he has plans beyond how he is currently practicing. This dude is a dreamer, but also believes in the growth process of planting seeds.
We dive into some health related topics such as stretching, alcohol consumption, and the effects of poor posture, but I really like how Bo keeps it real about his journey. And that's what we're all about... the process!
CHALLENGE: This week's challenge is inspired by Dr. Bo: correct your posture during phone usage. Don't wreck your neck, check your neck! Looking down at your phone has negative effects on your neck, shoulders, and spine.
Don't look down at your phone, but look out toward your phone. Hold your phone out in front of you, not below you.

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Jeremy McGrew and Indy Fitness Mag

podcast Jan 12, 2020

Cofounder of Indy Fitness Magazine, Jeremy McGrew is on a mission to go from last to first. A few years ago, Indianapolis was ranked the unhealthiest major city in America. He and his tribe have a goal to go from the least healthy city in the nation to #1 in the next 10 years.

This dude is an unapologetic hustler with a great business mind. We talk about his “failures” and lessons learned along the way. Why in the world does he practice one sleepless night a week? Yes, he literally has a designated night for not sleeping. 

Beyond the hustle, he praises how pivotal his wife has been in his journey. And how he has learned to ask for help. Let’s dive in!

CHALLENGE: This week’s challenge is inspired by @indyfitnessmag: pick the most essential task each day and accomplish it. JUST ONE. No more than that.

Ask yourself this question: what’s the one thing that will make my job, relationship, health etc. easier and possibly everything else...

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Get Your Health Right! With John Parker and Thrive Global

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

John Parker is a premier personal trainer in San Diego, California. One of the most well researched and intentional personal trainers out there. This dude LIVES his method and seriously cares about his people. He really knows his stuff and is exploding with knowledge.

Learn why it’s important to not lose muscle mass as we get older and why strength training is the most balanced exercise method. We talk about why stillness and rest is highly important.

John opens up about his previous addiction to exercising and struggling with overeating. We cover so many health related topics that will open your eyes! Open up your mind and let’s go.

We also discuss the business side of personal training. If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.

CHALLENGE: This week's challenge is inspired Thrive Global: get your butt in bed by 9:00pm! If you're feeling ambitious, here are other steps you can take during this challenge. Put all electronics away by 8:00pm. Read a book,...

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Claire Spencer and IamWATRRR

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2020

This is just a really dope conversation. A discussion full of meaning. It's not so much an interview as it is a conversation. Claire and I open up to what we are working on and the challenges associated with them.

There are A LOT of good nuggets in here, including but not limited to:

- The challenge of being direct and vulnerable with family and lovers.

- Why triggers and trauma are a blessing.

- Why we create problems or anxiety because we’re addicted to the feeling.

- Understanding the reason our brain’s are pattern making machines and live subconsciously 95% of the time. It’s both beneficial and damaging.

- Living and growing through codependent relationships.

- Doing personal work is painful! It sucks sometimes and can actually make your life harder. But… why we think it’s necessary.

- How challenges are an opportunity for creative expression.

CHALLENGE: This week’s challenge is inspired by @iamwatrrr: each time you take a drink (water...

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Thadeus Starsiak: Be the Love That Heals Wounds

podcast Jan 12, 2020

At only 12 years old, he found his dead mother in their basement. Cold, blue, and stiff. She died from a drug addiction. On the phone with his dad, he told the young boy to "shake and wake" her. To say that shaking your dead mother at age 12 changes you is an understatement.

With so much hardship in his life, Thadeus Starsiak is one of the most loving people I have ever met. It would be easy for him to give up or say the world is an evil place. To the absolute contrary, he is a pillar of light sending sonar waves of love to each person along his path. Thadeus is an outstanding human. 

He is a personality on HGTV’s “Good Bones” television show. Goofy and carefree on screen, deeply emotional and intellectual in real life.

 We talk about love - all definitions and forms it comes in. How to love others and how to love ourselves. How to lovingly approach confrontation and have difficult conversations with those we care about. This conversation is rich with...

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Matthew and Open Gym

podcast Jan 11, 2020

PODCAST: Do goals ever make you feel like you're failing? You want to lose 10 lbs but you've only lost 9? Matthew aka "The Goal Slayer" (full disclosure: he's never been called that name before now) and I discuss how to approach and set goals in this week's episode. Matthew is one of the few people I know that religiously practices weekly goals and has a constant accountability partner. Find out how and why he sets goals, why he loves them and how it's shaped his mindset. I hope you too want to set weekly goals and find an accountability partner after this episode. Enjoy!


CHALLENGE: This week's challenge is inspired by Open Gym: complete two body

weight workouts. The good news? Open Gym's workouts only take 20 minutes, which is only 1.3% of your day. I can't think of any excuses for you to use! Get after it and let us know it goes. #goalinkchallenge


Here is the link I briefly mention that covers daily usage of social media: ...

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